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Metal Inventions offer a wide range of stainless steel downpipes for a variety of applications. Square, rectangular and round downpipes are available to suit any style of home, building or factory. Sizes available range to suit any requirements from small drainage up to large applications.

As well as being visually more appealing, the stainless steel downpipes offer rust resistance and long lasting service. They also provide strength and a modern look that is more suited to today's housing designs.

Stainless steel downpipes add class to old colonials to the ever-modern mediterraneans. Dress up your investment with this extremely versatile, beautiful item. The look will suprise you!

As Metal Inventions downpipe is custom made, not only is the downpipe long lasting, we can organise custom lengths and widths in a variety of consistent sizes.

This helps you to save on wastage, reduce joints as well as offering quicker and more seamless construction.

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These mirror finished stainless steel down pipes are a true MUST HAVE.  They will add $$$$$$$ to your unit, townhouse, residential or commercial property.


Because of the longevity of this stainless steel material it will also save $$$$$ long term as you have a longer lasting item that does not date.


The water running through your stainless steel down pipes will be cleaner as it runs into your water tank.


We welcome builders, design builders, engineers, architects, design architects, developers, home builders and home renovators to experience the true class of stainless steel down pipes by Metal Inventions.  We can cut, weld and fabricate to your special requirements to suit any needs.

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