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GigBins are Out is a new innovative product from Metal Inventions.

Created out of strong and durable steel or aluminium (light weight), our 'bins are out' trolleys fit standard size council, rubbish and re-cycling bins.

Great for people with limited mobility and strength, our 'bins are out' tiltable trolleys make light work of dropping bins off for curbside collection. Excellent for people with steep or difficult access drive-ways or long driveways.

Both bins will fit on the trolley to save time and effort and a trailer attachment is available. Car towing of our 'bins are out' trolleys makes this product ideal for people living on large allotments.

Excellent for businesses and small commerical industries.

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These Bins R Out are a MUST HAVE.  CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT item.


Bins R Out is the solutions to bring your wheelie bins out in a fast, clean easy way and stops rubbish pollution on your property.  We can manufacture bin brackets for your rubbish removalActive Image         Active Image